Monday, 16 November 2015

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Match Predictions

Hey  guys so taday i am back with new post so today i will be telling you about  WWE Survivor Series 2015 Match Predictions. So as if you are searching for this post so maybe you are a big fan of WWE. But i would like to ask one thing from when did u first started watching WWe. This just a joke.

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 With WWE’s Hell In A Cell summerslam live etc etc many matches have been done in these past months network supershow in the way of a bag, it’s time to look forward to the thanksgiving tradition that is the Survivor Series. Survivor Series 2015 is an upcoming new and most excited professional wrestling pay-per-view event by WWE. This time Survivor Series 2015 live is scheduled for November 22, 2015 at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. But dont think that this years aurvivor series is going to be a normal one its going to be an epic match which you can never forget this time Survivor Series is going to become a biggest WWE Event. You can watch Survivor Series 2015 live stream.
The last ‘Big 4’ pay per-view of 2015 comes to us on November 22nd from Atlanta, Georgia. Now, trying to predict WWE’s booking is tougher than a rubix cube given their notion for changing plans on a weekly basis but I’m gonna give it a go.

If you are a big fan of WWE then you might be looking for survivor series 2015 early predictions and also survivor series 2015 results.

Monday, 9 November 2015

WWE Survivor Series 2015 All Matches Live Stream Online

So guys in this post i will be telling you all about the WWE Survivor Series 2015 Live stream Matches. So many of you will be thinking what will be the number of matches etc etc so today i will tell you about all the upcoming matches but before you fo there just think what will be this epic matches at Survivor series 2015 live streaming so lets see how much matches are there and what will be the things happening in this epic matches :-

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So at-last when we came to know that The Undertaker (Popularly known for his fighting and dangerous looks which frighten the opponent before the match only) returned to The WWE Battleground, the whole world was shocked that how he was back in the ring this early but what we see is that he was back in the ring already. So the thing is basically no one expected that he will be back this early according to rumor he should be back till back until WWE Survivor Series 2015 All Matches Live Stream Online , but what we see with our these two eyes are that man is fighting Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2015. It is expected that some new faces are revealed in upcoming WWE Survivor Series 2015. So don’t forget to watch Survivor Series 2015 live on TV and WWE PPV network and just keep visiting this site to know more.

So that thing  actually makes a not little but more that littel sense now for their rumored returned to finally begin at Survivor Series, and then they that thing carry over into 2016. They could have an appearance here and there before culminating with a match at WrestleMania 32.A match that is going on that long isn’t out of the question, either. Sting made his first match at last year’s Survivor Series 2014 in that he showed to whole world what he is and what he is capable of, and his feud with Triple H carried over until their match at WrestleMania 31.
Survivor Series 2015 Matchs Predictions

  •  R-Truth,Zack Ryder and New Day vs Ascencion,Tyler Breeze and PTP
  • order.elimination: Ryder by Young,Big E by Konnor,Young by Kingston,Woods by Viktor,Konnor and Kingston double countout,Viktor by Truth and Truth by Breeze
  •  Team Sheamus (Sheamus,Harper,Miz,Axel and Owens) vs Team Reigns (Reigns,Cena,Ziggler,Ryback and Zayn)
  • order.elimination: Miz by Cena,Axel by Ziggler,Ryback by Owens,Ziggler by Owens,Cena by Owens,Owens countout,Zayn by Harper,Harper by Reigns and Sheamus by Reigns
  •  AJ Lee vs Charlotte(c)- Divas Title Match-
  •  Daniel Bryan(c) vs Bray Wyatt- Hardcore Championship Match-
  •  Rusev vs Cesaro vs Damien Sandow(c)- US Title Match-
  •  Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton
  •  Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose(c)- WWE WH Championship Match.
So if you wanna know more things thn just be updated about all the matches and other other things so that you will never miss anything. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Live Stream

Hey guys so now there is very less time left for the new WWE PPV event  WWE Survivor Series 2015 Live Stream which is going to held in ending week of november 2015. So as the year is coming to an end the more exciting these event are slowly slowly are becoming so..... much excited and awaited.

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The original method for the Survivor Series was to have an annual pay-per-view match whose main focus will be on tag team wrestling in which there will be a tam who will be fighting with another team. So another contributing factor to the birth of the Survivor Series was to capitalize on the big time feud between Hulk Hogan and AndrĂ© the Giant, who wrestled each other at WrestleMania III. Additionally, the WWF had several "elimination" tag-team matches earlier in 1987, albeit with three-man teams and the feuds loosely related.

and the Survivor Series was originally created to be a "Thanksgiving tradition" as the first four Survivor Series events (1987-
1990) took place on Thanksgiving Day in November. The next four years taking place on Thanksgiving Eve. In 1995 Survivor Series moved to a more-traditional Sunday PPV date.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

7 WWE Survivor Series 2015 Match Predictions

Survivor Series is an next PPV event organised by WWE. WWE have onganised many events in past time like Summerslam, Hell In A Cell and many other but here the the most liked event in all of them Survivor Series 2015. So the main things which com on viewers mind is that with whom will there be match. So here i am with 7 WWE Survivor Series 2015 Match Predictions.

7 WWE Survivor Series 2015 Match Predictions :-

  • Traditional Survivor Series Match – New Day/Rusev vs. Dudleyz/Prime Time Players
There’s no better New Day than a Bulgarian New Day. The traditional Survivor Series format fits the Trombone loving Tag Champs perfectly. If there was any team were in an 8 man match, there’s no other partner for them than Rusev. The Bulgarian  has been showing there performance on WWE TV this year. While New Day get wacky and talk about booty, Rusev can play it straight and the combination will be gold.

  • Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze
Putting Breeze in a program with the Show Off makes a lot of sense and gives Breeze a good introduction to WWE fans who don’t watch NXT. the person is an easy and an good character to get to the grips with to and  understand him in an better way. It seems like we’ll get a few weeks of back and forth one upmanship between the two bleached blonde stars before they clash this Thanksgiving.

  • US Title Match – Alberto Del Rio vs. Cesaro
Since Jack Swagger has fallen off the face of the earth, it got me to thinking who Del Rio’s first challenger could be. With the babyface side of the roster pretty thin on star power with Lesnar, Cena and Orton unavailable for Survivor Series, who would be a good fit to take on the Mexican Aristocrat? Well, with Zeb involved, there’s only one name that makes sense and it’s Cesaro.